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racadm support for Dells

Heyo I'm trying to configure my machine's iDRAC by running racadm on my local OS.

I've tried:

which all in slightly different ways give you


Regardless which I install, I always get the same error:

$ sudo /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/idracadm7 getsysinfo
ERROR: Unable to perform requested operation

I only imagine this is missing some kernel module or system service but I can't figure out what. It also seems from the few comments on the AUR packages that other people aren't experiencing this problem.

The only clue I've seen so far is a part of the dell-srvadmin full package has a script:


Which contains this list of system services that I don't appear to have:

instsvcdrv dsm_sa_eventmgrd dsm_sa_datamgrd dsm_sa_snmpd dsm_om_connsvc

Is this working for anyone else? Does anyone else see what I see? Any suggestions? Thank you!


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