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Possibly only with UEFI or LVM, rectangles instead of letters at boot

Edit: There is a large, about 2M in size, screen shot at . It was taken by a camera. Although each text line is duplicated in a shifted manner, the problem can be clearly seen. Observe the red ellipse at bottom of the picture.

Original message was:
Did someone notice that, possibly only with UEFI or LVM, sometimes there are filled rectangles instead of some letters at boot or shutdown messages? The screens goes by too fast for me to read full details. However, I think it happens mostly with block devices UUIDs. It looks as if the exact positions of the rectangles are random. But they are always there, at some places, or others. I am also not sure if it happens only with initrd messages, or also with both initrd, and post switching root, messages.
Something like


, where I used || instead of a filled rectangle that seems to be of the size of a single character. The 1234ABCD-YUTE and YR letters are expected. They are correct. But || is shown instead of the expected character, or characters.

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