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Contributing problems

The current Getting Involved page is a start for anyone wanting to contribute but I feel it is not as good as it could be.
It is lacking the simplest and most important things.
1st - where's help most needed at the moment?
2nd - list of priorities
3rd - a roadmap to how to contribute - with visual aids, graphs, flows. Learning to contribute should not have any curves, let alone steep curves.
4th - examples of contributing members - the Trusted Fellows should be upfront WITH some visual and clear explanations how they help, what they work on (not just packages if they're doing that but what languages and what kind of things they did to the packages, i.e.; or if it's Wiki maintenance how much and what and what page with examples). This could really be like creating a centralized log to keep track of people's contributions - with flows, project management public feed even - does that exist?
I could keep going but from the initial uninitiated view these are some of the first problems I run into wanting to see if I can contribute. It's also not just contributing but a way to learn and advance. So it's not JUST getting involved to contribute but perhaps a learning platform for people who'd get engaged.
5th - hierarchy or organiztional chart for the community of who does what and who 'reports' to who and how all that works.
6th - ways to communicate in terms of what's best for what. Who talks to who for what? Ok, there's a chatroom. Ok, there's a mailing list. A chatroom has rooms? Who's there? Do I need to go there first? Or forum first? Or do I first get on the mailing list before I can even be a good contributor?
Who will read this forum post that I am writing and contributing to the forum? Or did I need to know about it from the Getting involved page? Because it says there the forum is to get to know the community and help other users.


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