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ThinkPad_mobile_Internet settings via GUI … e_Internet

It can be also set on KDE as this:

install modemmanager: sudo pacman -S modemmanager

enable modemmanager: sudo systemctl enable ModemManager

In "System Settings >> Connections", click the plus sign in the lower right corner to create a new link, select "Mobile Broadband" and create, follow the steps below to set:

Set up mobile broadband connection >> any GSM device

Country >> xxx

Provider >> xxx yyy

Select your plan >> My plan is not listed

APN >> aaa.bbbapn

**The provider and APN can be found in Windows under "Settings >> Network and Internet >> Cellular Network >> Carrier Settings", the provider can be found in "Active Network", and the provider can be found in "Internet APN >> Default The APN address can be found in Access Point >> Views"**

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