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#1 2022-10-19 08:07:33

Gill Bates
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[SOLVED] archiso non-us keymap as default kbd, xkblayout


When you build an .iso with mkarchiso, how do you set the default kbdlayout?

The endresult that I'm aiming for is a baseline arch.iso with a custom german/english as default kbdlayout in CLI and Xorg.
This iso will be used for students to burn on their own USB to take home with.

I did a ton of research, sorry if it's still a dumb question but stay with me, since I waited before posting here. And researched more until the point where I'm sure this hasn't been brought up yet.

There is setxkbmap, but stay with me, that's changing kbdlayout for xorg.
To change kbdlayout for CLI you need loadkeys, but what if you're using a custom kbdlayout that is not included in the official arch.iso

Then you need:
curl -o ../usr/share/kbd/keymaps/(your file name) … iso15.kmap
loadkeys ../usr/share/kbd/keymaps/(your file name)
nano /etc/vconsole.conf
change line KEYMAP=/usr/share/kbd/keymaps/(your file name)
[Credit to wolf2482][ … 6#p2020646]

I hope this displays, that it is possible and I'm aware how to do all this manually pre-install.
I challenge anyone to switch to a different kbdlayout that they usually use and then type all those commands manually, which is possible but a great obstacle for students when the actual physical keyboard is not the system kbdlayout. Therefore I would love to understand the correct approach to find the solution.

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

EDIT: Changed title from "mkarchiso educational purposes" to "[SOLVED] archiso non-us keymap as default kbd, xkblayout"

Thanks to Raynman, who kindly helped me understand I didn't read concentrated enough and provided the answer.
[ … s_to_image]

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Re: [SOLVED] archiso non-us keymap as default kbd, xkblayout

So you know how to configure the keymap (because you researched that) and now you want to know how to add that keymap file and vconsole.conf to a custom ISO (but you didn't research that yet?) … s_to_image

Two comments: 1) loadkeys is called automatically by a systemd service during boot using the settings in vconsole.conf; 2) you shouldn't need to specify the full path for keymaps that are in the default keymaps directory.


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