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wg_tool: wireguard admin tool

Firstly, thank you to everyone that contributes to Arch - it is very, very much appreciated.

In that spirit of sharing I've added my second package to the AUR.
My first being mkpkg, a package building tool which rebuilds when specific trigger conditions are met.
e.g. openssl>minor would trigger a rebuild when openssl major.minor is greater than when package was last built  [1]

My Wireguard admin tool tool is in the AUR wg_tool with lots of information available in the  README on github
This was motivated to help me administer wg - it seemed tedious having to copy/paste keys around (server pub key to users, users pub key / psk to server etc etc). So I built a tool to simplify this and make it more robust.

Quick Summary:
This is a tool to manage wireguard configs. Both for server and users.
It guarantees that server and user configs are kept appropriately synchronized.
It handles key creation when needed, such as when adding a user/profile or doing key changes.

It supports the concept of active/inactive users and/or profiles.  Each user can have multiple profiles.
Common use case being one for phone, another for laptop etc.

The outputs are the server wg0.conf and the conf and qr codes for each user profile.

Hope other(s) find it useful. Thanks and appreciate feedback / bug reports!





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