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Troubles with Installer \ first boot

Hi, I'm a complete noob, and would probably be recommended to use an easier OS\setup, but please bare with me so I can learn from scratch. (Been using Manjaro for some time)

I download the installer (which gave me a  reason to try arch) and use etcher to write onto an USB.

I press archinstall and choose my language and mirrorlist

Then I try choose disk

Which soemtimes give me this error :

But sometimes it works - and I wipe the entire disk.

I have no encryption on drive.

Im using GRUB and the other option - I tried both.

I've set a  root password
Added a user

Profile is set to desktop mate
audio pipewire
linux standard kernel
no additional packages
Network I have tried quite a few things (but things download) so Im assuming it works.
Timezone CET
ntp true
additional library = multilib

I try install, it downloads the files from mirrors etc, I get the successful install and if I wanna do anything in chroot, I choose no.

I boot up for first time and I get stuck at this :

So what should I do to get it started and boot into desktop mate?

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Re: Troubles with Installer \ first boot

Post the archinstall.log, where are you getting stuck exactly? Are you loading into the boot loader or does that fail already or can you select a kernel or... ?

Moving to the Guided installer subsection, please do so from the get go so the maintainer gets notified.


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