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#1 2022-11-12 09:13:29

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Dolphin Emulator crashes exactly 5 minutes into any game

I have observed this behavior with every game, even Sonic Adventure DX which is a very non-demanding game.

I tried this with both the official `dolphin-emu` package and the `dolphin-emu-beta-git` and the same behavior is there. I've tried with OpenGL and Vulkan drivers, same problem.

When running `dolphin-emu` from the terminal there is no output when the game crashes, the process just ends.

It's not a CPU or Memory issue. The emulator doesn't use more than 1GB RAM the whole time the game is on, and my 4 cores never go past 33% utilization.

I have a Lenovo T440s with a Haswell i7 CPU and Intel integrated graphics (HD 4600). I don't believe this is a hardware issue since this happens on any game and the games used to run fine earlier.

DE is KDE. Happy to provide any more info. Thanks in advance


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