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What should PCM db gain level be?

Hi all. I have a headset with external DAC. With its own software, on Windows, everything is fine.

On Arch, if I select Analog Output for Master audio, everything is also fine, becasue AFAIK on analog output we don't use the external DAC. However, on Digital Output, the sound is extremely low. I found that, on alsamixer, there is a PCM dB Gain setting, which is automatically set to -18.00dB. When I set this to 0.00dB, the sound level returns to normal.

Is there a advantage to set this dB to negative levels like -18 or should I keep it at 0.00dB?


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Re: What should PCM db gain level be?

Digital outputs should be set to 0dB. Lower settings worsen the dynamic range & signal:noise ratio.

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