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Can share screen with OBS Studio, but not with Firefox nor Chromium

I use Hyprland. I have the NVIDIA proprietary drivers and I'm starting Hyprland as their wiki tells me to start it in case of NVIDIA proprietary drivers, with all the environmental variables set. I also have a laptop with an external monitor, and so, in order to use only the external monitor, I defined WLR_DRM_DEVICES as specified here.

I **can** share the screen with OBS Studio, but not with Firefox nor Chromium. They share a completely black screen. If it works with OBS Studio, I don't understand while it should notwork with Firefox or Chromium.

I went through the Hyprland screensharing wiki page, the gist by PowerBall253, and the official xdg-desktop-portal-wlr troubleshooting guide. All looks nice. Every settings is how it should be.

Except that the official troubleshooting guide says that Firefox and Chromium point to Pipewire 0.2 while I have Pipewire 0.3. Could this be it? They say I have to install a "Pipewire compat library", but I cannot find it in the Arch repos.

Also, I used mozregress to try and regress it. The problem is that my issue is not **exactly reproducible**. With the Firefox version of 1 year ago, all looks fine, and the screen is shared correctly. With the firefox version of today, using Jitsi I can see my screen correctly, and the person at the other end sees a black screen (I tried to connect with a tablet). With the firefox version from the Arch repos, I cannot even see my screen correctly, I see a black screen as well.

Maybe it is picking not from the external monitor but from the laptop monitor (which is closed)? Or maybe a format problem? I don't know.

This is the desktop file that starts my session:

[Desktop Entry] Name=Hyprland (W) (NV) Comment=An intelligent dynamic tiling Wayland compositor 

With wrappedhlnv being:


cd ~

export XCURSOR_SIZE=24

# env for NVIDIA
# see:
export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=nvidia
export XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland
export GBM_BACKEND=nvidia-drm

# use only external monitor
# see:
#export WLR_DRM_DEVICES=/dev/dri/card1
export WLR_DRM_DEVICES=/dev/dri/card0

exec Hyprland

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