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Backup Strategy

Hi there,

I have an Arch-driven fileserver in my network on which all my data is stored.
Further, I'm performing incremental backups for my data and snapshots of my systems boot partition using rsnapshot.
For  my data, I have weekly, monthly and yearly rotating backups. For those who doesn't know rsnapshot, it makes heavy use of ahrdlinks, reducing disk consumption.

Now, these incremental backups help me in case if I'm accidently deleting a file because I can go back and restore the file.
The same is true for my systems. Lets say I mess up my laptops configuration, I can easly restore a snapshot of my system partition (btdt).

However, these backups are stored in my fileserver in my house.
What I need is an additional backup which I can store somewhere else (e.g. at my parents house) for preventing theft or faulty harddrives.

My problem is, the snapshots fromrsnapshot are several folders whichs share files via hardlinks and I have no idea how to mirror this to an external drive.
Question: what is a good strategy to backup my incremental backups?
Lets say I want to backup my server to an external hard drive, how to do that?
Backupp all snapshots or only the latest?
Which tool to use? rsync?
Whats your strategy?


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Re: Backup Strategy

I used rsnapshot also for very many years but there are much better alternatives nowadays. About 5 years ago I changed to borg backup with local and remote cloud storage and am still very happy with that setup.


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