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[SOLVED] ASUS ZenBook UM425Q Headset Mic Not Working

Hi, I just adquired this notebook and had problems with the audio driver, specifically by getting no input sound from a connected headset via jack input.
I found that the soundcard ALC294 is known by lots of bugs and I'd like to post how I managed to make it work in my system which is not Arch, but Linux Mint,
however this should be a general solution (which I need to post somewhere)

First of all I installed one of the most recent kernels: 6.0.9-060009-generic version specifically
Next I removed pipewire since somebody commented to have issues while coexisting with pulseaudio
I also added a line to the end of "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf" -> "options snd-hda-intel model=asus-zenbook", which probably contributed zero to solve anything
And finally I used HDAjackRetask to configure one of the internal pins of the soundcard.
After a couple of tries I got it to work by setting: PIN 0x19 Override Microphone, et voilà headset mic now WORKING

I hope someone read this post and help people having issues with this laptop model, which is very likely to be the solution in many other models with the same sound card

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Re: [SOLVED] ASUS ZenBook UM425Q Headset Mic Not Working

Thanks! This also worked with my diabolical Vivobook m5402, running 6.1.8. Followed exact steps.


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