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#1 2022-12-26 16:44:54

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Daily Backup Reveals change in /etc/pacman.d/gnupg/

I do a daily backup which checks for any changes in /etc and other directories that should not change unless you have done a backup.  On Christmas Day someone or something changed the following files:


I rebuilt my repositories with pacman -Syy
I reinstalled archlinux-keyring

I am familiar with the shenanigans  of cups changing their /etc files daily, but this is a first for me. 
I'm posting this as a warning of a possible break-in on Arch Linux systems.


#2 2022-12-26 16:56:22

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Re: Daily Backup Reveals change in /etc/pacman.d/gnupg/

See archlinux-keyring-wkd-sync.{timer,service}

It will also be updated every time you reinstall archlinux-keyring, as you mentioned.

Using -Syy is a terrible idea for multiple reasons. Stick with -Syu.


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