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#1 2004-02-24 17:17:39

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Next stage of the clean up has started.

sarah31 wrote:

alot of posts have been placed in the wrong areas lately....

That's true.... old topics are now moved and the next stage of clean up will begin.

For everyone's information, all old topics obviously wrongly placed have been moved. Some of them were also removed with the help of the users. Thank you.
The remaining old topics will be moved whenever they appear. With the newly posted topics, to avoid confusion especially among the new users,  wrongly posted topics will be tagged with [MVE] and moved later when the issue is resolved or no longer active.... appx. after one week.



#2 2004-02-24 17:24:41

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Re: Next stage of the clean up has started.

and i assume you have removed some post lately as my post total dropped by about thirty or forty yesterday? (thats one thing post counts are good for to see if you mods are doing yer jobs tongue )

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