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Somehow pacman let me upgrade openssl

I don't know when the last time I upgraded or updated my system was, but apparently there's some sort of sync issue.

I needed tcpdump for diagnosing some odd networking problem I'm having, so I `pacman -Sy tcpdump`.  It shows up with something about missing.  That's odd.  So I `pacman -Sy openssl`.

Some seconds later, I realize that nothing works because it's all looking for - which I no longer have. 


I can't fix the issue because I don't actually have an administrator password on the system, I just `sudo yadda yadda`, but NOW, no.

on the bright side tcpdump seems to work though!

Anyone have a bright idea on how to fix this?  I think I may have to boot to a USB and see if I can patch back in there...?

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?  why would pacman just let me do something so irresponsible?  I had no idea I could do something like this.  I guess I touched the stove, now I'm just scared because I don't understand how this happened.  Did I somehow update the pacman repo, but not the system?  I see there's a sticky about packman and openssl.  I'm not sure I can even get that to work because I don't have root/admin anymore.


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Re: Somehow pacman let me upgrade openssl


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Re: Somehow pacman let me upgrade openssl

As mentioned, pacman does what you tell it to and will not protect you from yourself and the fact that this will break your system is an Arch Linux peculiarity which is why partial upgrades are explicitly not supported (but there are usecases where they can be necessary and useful, if you don't know them, don't do partial upgrades, there are systems using pacman where partial upgrades are safe and normal so this will not inherently be "fixed" in pacman)

That's for the surrounding blurp. As for the fix, if you can boot a live disk still, you can simply mount all your arch partitions under their logical counterparts in /mnt and run a

pacman --root /mnt -Syu

alternatively download and use pacman-static as mentioned in … ing_pacman


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