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OBS STUDIO audio recording quality is bad.

Hello everybody, I wanted to record some videos on arch using obs studio, I am using pipewire. Whenever I record videos the quality of the video is fine but my audio is really bad even I configured my volume using pavucontrol.Can someone help me this is really important please.


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Re: OBS STUDIO audio recording quality is bad.

No, you need to ask on the Manjaro boards, do not post this here again.

Under the assurance that this is an Arch install now, which device are you using for recording and during such a situation that produces a faulty recording what output do you get from

arecord -lL
amixer -c0 #replace the 0 with whatever card index is correct if it isn't 0
pactl list cards
uname -a
pactl list sources
pactl list source-outputs

Post these in [ code ] tags without the spaces:

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