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[SOLVED] Sudden Shutting Down / Bricked Sleep when gaming

New Update on issue below.

Recently, a problem just got back on my computer. This used to happaned few weeks ago, I believe in early December, the most precise date I can point is Dec 11th.

I can use almost any program, open as many softwares simultaneously, stress the CPU and GPU as I wish; it handles all nicely.

The build is:
Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI II, BIOS 0304 09/11/2021 ( … s-wifi-ii/)
CPU: Ryzen 5900X @ 4.6Ghz (above 4.6, is unstable)
DRAM: 2x32GB @ 3600MT/s (
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 ( … 2g-gaming/)
PSU: Cooler Master 750W Modular ( … wer-supply)

Kernel: 6.1.4-arch1-1 (linux-headers in same version)
Nvidia drivers: 525.78.01-2

I use a AIO Water Cooler for the CPU, so I don't think thermal is a problem; in heavy loads, It barely reaches 70 degrees Celsius.

I posted a demonstration of the sudden shutting down in this video:

It usually happens when I am playing a Steam game, where the most common to occour is Just Cause 3, witch runs on ProtonDB. The most consistent reproduction was caught in the video above, when I approach a big base by plane. I made the PC dies 5 or more times in a similar and consistent situation. Sometimes, it even shutdown right after the first frames of the game after the map loads.

After the first week with this headache, late December, this problem stopped across any other game / situation where it used to happen. It came back this week and I'm not sure what update may caused it.

It seens, as the video shows, the computer got abruptly into sleep mode. I am saying this because the RGB of the RAM keeps on whenever I put it in sleep and the same can be observed on the Aura RGB on MB (witch is off from bios config in the video).
When the PC shuts down, I cannot wake it up. No keyboard input, no power button, nothing but cut the power on PSU to restart the system.

I recorded and tested it all today (Jan. 12nd), and I tried to capture some journalctl logs to see if there is something about this sudden interruptions, but its seens to have nothing interesting to investigate.
This week, though, a new condition to sudden shutdown is when I, myself put the PC on Sleep during the night, and I have to cut the power to restart, too.

I have 5 logs but all showing differents events, and 2 of then with the last line corrupted.

I thought It could be thermal at first, but those interruptions already happened when all CPU fans speed was maxed out, neither the GPU got too hot. I have this computer since April, and all those months, it never happened, even in the most resource intense games like DOOM, Universe Sandbox, NFS Heat... It could be that the PSU wasn't able to handle wattage spikes from CPU / GPU, but I can't imagine the CPU with the TDP of 105W and the GPU of the max usage of 170W could make that.

In terms of overclock, I already tested differents configurations, lower or default clocks (3.7GHz for the CPU and 2666MT/s for DRAM), and nothing changes.

If there is something more for me to gather more useful information, I will do and bring here, witch reminds me that this Motherboard has a Wireless device with a not so nice compatibility: MEDIATEK Corp. MT7921 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter. I have suspicions that this MB may be the cause of the problems but I don't have any other to test this idea.

Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day.

UPDATE (2023-01-15): It was Nvidia GPU, With a bit of stress test, it shuts the computer as I mentioned. I just tested switching the PSU cable, nothing changes, but I am now sure that it occurs because of GPU stress

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Re: [SOLVED] Sudden Shutting Down / Bricked Sleep when gaming

Hello, update on issue. It was just the PSU, witch I'm going to switch in the waranty. I hope this post would help others to find the solution or the cause quickly with this.


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