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Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great.

So I´ve been using Manjaro Linux for almost a year in my laptop and recently I got a new Pc with the following specs:
-Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
-RAM: 16 Gb dual channel
-dGPU: AMD rx 5500xt 4 Gb
-First storage:NVME SSD of 256 Gb
-Second storage: Hard drive of 1 Tb

I want to install Arch linux but I want to know the steps that I need to follow so I can use both drives without a problem. And yes, I will be errasing windows completely , so the only OS will be Arch.

I will appreciate the tips.


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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

You have to decide *what* you want to use them for, then create and mount partitions to accomplish that.


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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions


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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

Thanks for the installation guide, I read it already.

But I think I didn't formulate the correct question, let's see:

So, I will create and mount the EFI system, after that Root and Home. Root will be in the SSD and the Home in the HDD. Most of the time the Pc is just for casual gaming (I already checked that the games I wanted to run are compatible since Im using arch in a VM first before I messed up) , some work with documents and streaming. In that way most of the files and games are going to stay in the Home directory and not root.

I want to know if you think that this will be the best partition, or if you have any suggestions.


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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

No one can tell you how to partition your machine, that's your decision. Archers are expected to think for themselves, not seek handholding.

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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

Don't mount the ESP first, you should mount it within the root (/) partition, not the other way around.

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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

-First storage:NVME SSD of 256 Gb
-Second storage: Hard drive of 1 Tb

The setup on my main rig looks similar , with 2 SSDs : a  256 Gib NVME2 SSD plus a 512 Gib sata SSD .

$ lsblk
sda           8:0    0 465.8G  0 disk 
└─sda1        8:1    0 465.8G  0 part /data
sr0          11:0    1  1024M  0 rom  
sr1          11:1    1  1024M  0 rom  
nvme0n1     259:0    0 232.9G  0 disk 
├─nvme0n1p1 259:1    0    76G  0 part /
├─nvme0n1p2 259:2    0   155G  0 part /home
└─nvme0n1p3 259:3    0   1.9G  0 part /efi

Note that with 76G my root is much bigger then most archlinux desktop users have.

I use symlinks to the 2nd drive for stuff that takes up a lot of space .
for example my ~/Downloads folder has 9 subfolders, 6 of which reside on my 2nd drive and take up 400G of space there.

Bind mounts are another method to use space on other drives/partitions .

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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

1. Boot with your USB instalation.
2. Connect your machine to the Internet.
3. Make partitions using cfdisk.
4. Format your partitions.
5. Mount your partitions, make sure you mount  root partition first before you mount other partitions.
6. Use pacstrap to install base, linux, linux-firmware, networkmanager, vim or nano.
7. Use genfstab to make a fstab file.
8. Change root with arch-chroot
9. Set language, time and date, root password, hostname.
10 . Install efibootmgr and grub.
11. Install grub
12. Cofigure grub.
13. Reboot.
14. Login with root.
15. Create another user and set password for this new user.
16. Start NetworkManager, and connect to Internet.
17. Install sudo, and edit sudoers file.
18. Install xorg display manager and desktop environment.


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Re: Installing Arch Linux , Newbie questions

Another thread where the OP has not been back. Closing as abandoned.

Magno, if you come back and want this thread reopened, use the Report link to let Staff know.

reddof, please do not post information that is already covered in the Installation Guide (especially if the guide was already linked in the topic).


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