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Including AUR packages in ArchISO

How do I include AUR packages in ArchISO so that I can install them on the system to be installed?

I followed the Arch wiki, built the packages and added them to a custom repo. This I have specified in the pacman.conf to build. In the packages.x86_64 as well. It results in the package being usable in the live environment. However, this does nothing for me.

I don't want to be able to use the package in the live environment, but I want to be able to install it with pacstrap /mnt <package_name>.


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Re: Including AUR packages in ArchISO

The ArchIso is only for supported packages. There is no need to complicate things.


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Re: Including AUR packages in ArchISO

Although I fail to see the benefit of doing this with pacstrap instead of using pacman on the newly installed system, it is possible .

man pacman wrote:

       -C <config>
           Use an alternate config file for pacman.

You already created a custom pacman.conf for building, just make sure  to use that one in the live environment with pacstrap .

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