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Autostart libvirt guests via systemd for a regular user

I have a QEMU guest managed through libvirt as a regular (non-root) user. To start/stop it manually, I run "virsh start/stop" as that user, or alternatively, I start them via virt-manager (via "qemu:///session" URI).

Now I want to autostart/autostop this guest as a systemd service at system boot/shutdown. I have read through libvirt wiki page as well as man page for libvirt-guests, but it looks to me as if it only supports system sessions (i.e. guests that run as root).

Is it possible to use this service to also start/stop guests running under regular users' accounts? If yes, how? And if not, what would be the analogous way of doing it?

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Re: Autostart libvirt guests via systemd for a regular user

Create a libvirt-guests user service...

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