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absm (a BTRFS Snaphot Manager) that could be useful for Arch users


I wrote it and it is available here.

I did not try it on Arch (but on several other distributions including, based on Arch: EndeavourOS, Manjaro and Garuda) but it should work there provided that:

  • You used BTRFS for the root file system

  • The root file system be mounted as a subvolume as indicated in the wiki there

  • (Not mandatory but highly recommended) you mount directories that you do not want to include in the snapshots of / in other subvolumes in /etc/fstab

So the suggested layout is the same as the one recommended for Timeshift, but the naming of the subvolumes (after subvol= in /etc/fstab) does not matter. Only the root subvolume is snapshotted by absm.

Typical context of usage: system not booting after a packages update or a user error.

Why absm instead of the (many) other tools? It's just a shell script with zero dependency beyond grub, the btrfs file system and btrfs-progs, but the menu allows to create/delete/restore snapshots (all actions logged) and populate grub.cfg with a  boot entry for each snapshot. It can also be started unattended by a script you would write, to create snapshot upon events like after booting or before an upgrade, or periodically. A new snapshot of the state just before restoration of a snapshot is always created.

Comments are welcome here, issues on GitHub also.


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