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Elgato Wave 1 doesn't work in Input and Output mode.

Hi all, months ago I bought an Elgato Wave:1 that I use mainly on Windows but occasionally I find myself having to use it on Linux as well but I have a problem.
I use pipewire and the latest version of arch. when i try to use my elgato to record audio or for calls, if I set it to Input and Output mode, they don't hear me.
Instead, if I import it in Input mode, they hear me but I can't hear the audio from the headphones that I have connected to the microphone.
I've read a bit on the internet but I haven't found much information and so I find myself asking here maybe if someone knows how to give me a hand.
Unfortunately Elgato hasn't released any software on Linux and it's all hell.
Thanks a lot in advance and have a nice day!


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