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automounting a digital camera's card?

I have a Panasonic DMC-FZ4 digital camera that attaches via usb to my
computer. It uses a sandisk ultraII memory card. I use fluxbox and pcmanfm as my file system. I have hal and dbus setup and working. Pcmanfm sees that card there as /dev/sde but it doesn't get auto mounted, I'm guessing 'cause it's not in fstab. What I want it for it to either auto mount or allow me to mount it when I click on its icon in pcmanfm? Right now when I click on its icon in pcmanfm I get an error saying that the file system cannot be mounted. Can anybody help me out here, I will make a similar post on the arch forums as well. Thanks for any help given.


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Re: automounting a digital camera's card?

I have a panasonic tz1 with SD memory card.

I utilize fstab to get the usb connect of the SD card and it opens with ...pana 100.

Click on pana 100 to display the recorded
camera shots including the .mov.

Please see my posts in ARCH DISCUSSION regarding the conversion of .mov to .avi.

You have to enter the USB device in fstab and open it...I utilize kde ..kdiskfree.. to enable convenient access.

I have generated hundreds of converted stills and motion shots with my TZ1 via USB and mencoder.

EDIT:  The file system for the card must be ...vfat.....

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