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modifying files owned by other package


I am considering to prepare a package that sets up the operating system, to behave like an installer script or cloud-init, using pacman infrastructure:

  • make sure some software packages are installed

  • add, modify some configuration files

  • etc.

I guess, I can use depends to ensure some packages are installed. Though, since this is not for runtime dependencies in that sense, is there an alternative for this? Maybe, place pacman installation commands in prepare()/package() functions or .install file? Is calling pacman command in .install going to cause problems, since it will be run while pacman is already running to install the package?

Other main issue is modifying configuration files. Since a lot of such files will be owned by existing packages like filesystem, what would be the best way to overwrite such files? Can I use backup for the modified files and overwrite them? I guess, I cannot use conflicts/replaces for the packages, since I will modify only some files.

Thank you in advance for any helpful comments.


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