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Call for participation: Git packaging POC … WE6GFWUJN/

Hi everyone!

Levente and I have been busy preparing a test environment for the new git
package workflow, which is going to replace the svn repository.

To test the new git package setup install `devtools-git-poc` from the
[community] repository and use the new `pkgctl` utility. Please check each time if there is a new upgrade before playing around.

The goal of the testing is to figure out UX issues, bugs and larger issues that
would need to be dealt with before a git migration can happen. It's therefor
very important that people sit down and play around with the tools :)

Support and feedback will be dealt with in the #archlinux-projects channel.

Report bugs in GitLab with the following  additional information:
- devtools-git-poc package version
- full PKGBUILD or pkg repo including the Git hash
- terminal input and output

The workflow should be the follow

## Basic setup

### setup packager
Make sure your personal `makepkg.conf` contains your packager identity and gpg key. 

### authenticate to gitlab
    pkgctl auth
## maintain existing packages

### clone an existing package
    pkgctl repo clone existing-package

### build a package
    pkgctl build

### release a package
    pkgctl release
    pkgctl db update

### combined UX
The last three steps can also be expressed as:

    pkgctl build --release --db-update

### rebuild into staging
    vim PKGBUILD
    pkgctl build --staging
    pkgctl release --staging
    pkgctl db update

This can be completely condensed by:

    pkgctl build --rebuild --staging --release --db-update

## maintain new packages

### create a new package repo without history
    pkgctl repo create new-pkgbase
    pkgctl repo clone new-pkgbase

### add existing AUR repo
    cd packagerepo
    pkgctl repo create
    pkgctl repo configure

### first official build/release
Specify the target repo on first run, as the tool can't know it's destination automatically yet

    pkgctl build --repo extra
    pkgctl release --repo extra --db-update

The packages are uploaded into a test group here:

This test also includes junior developer and junior packagers. They can only
push packages into staging and testing, and not release into the stable
repositories. We currently have a couple of people with these permissions to try
and figure out issues on that part of the setup. If anyone is interested helping
out on this please reach out on the #archlinux-projects IRC channel on Libera.

Background on the changes can be found here:


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Registered: 2013-06-09
Posts: 34

Re: Call for participation: Git packaging POC

I *tried* converting it to bbcode, but our bbcode is super outdated it seems.

I also tried to include the celebrating emojis in the subject, but I got HTTP response 500 instead big_smile


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