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#1 2006-12-30 11:21:34

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kernel panic, fresh install and update

So I just reinstalled arch on a different harddrive and after updating I'm having kernel panic issues. I formatted my pata drive and installed arch on my sata(sdc3) partition. At first, before update, I had to set grub to hd(0,0) and root=/dev/sda3 inorder to boot. After update this is no longer working and I tried to set it to everthing else it could possibly be for my setup, I just keep getting a kernel panic because the root partition can't be mounted as it is set wrong in grub. How can I get this setup correctly? I have been messing with things for a few hours now and nothing I have done makes any difference. I am forced to use a livecd as I don't have any other computers. Thanks for any help.

System specs - AMD64 X2 3500+ 2GBRAM Nvidia geforce 6800 GT


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Re: kernel panic, fresh install and update

Check for the latest info in arch linux home regarding piix.......

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