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#1 2023-02-19 17:14:42

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Arch linux install 2023 no screen on Ryzen 7 + GTX 2070 Super

Running arch install from USB (either via Ventoy or directly) shows the GRUB menu, the start of the boot process, then the screen goes black and nothing except a power cycle does anything.

Note: this PC already has a working Arch Linux install, from years ago, religiously updated (last update was 2 weeks ago), no hardware changes have been made.

This week I decided to reinstall Windows on the second partition, and windows being windows, it overwrote rEFInd with its bootloader, so I grab my trusty Ventoy USB stick, on which I uploaded the last (at the time) archlinux iso, 2023.01.01, and boot from it, just to mount root, boot and EFI partitions then launch a refind-install, as I have done countless times, at least 2 of which on this same PC, with mostly the same hardware (may have had a slightly different nvidia video card every time, I don't remember exactly).

This time, with the latest arch install ISO, I can see normally the GRUB menu, in which I choose the topmost option, the normal UEFI boot, it actually starts outputting the normal boot log, and when it usually switches to high res and clears the screen, my screen turns black, and nothing more.

A little precisation: I didn't change the video card recently, I just wiped my windows partition and reinstalled it, I have this GTX 2070 Super since last august, and I have booted linux extensively on this video card, with no issues that comes to mind, I just may never had to boot the install USB stick on this.

Any ideas?


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Re: Arch linux install 2023 no screen on Ryzen 7 + GTX 2070 Super

Boot with the nomodeset kernel parameter (e in the systemd-boot menu) to bypass nouveau do you can install the peop driver in your actual system


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Re: Arch linux install 2023 no screen on Ryzen 7 + GTX 2070 Super


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