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I installed linux-zen and now it won't boot

I saw someone mention Waydroid yesterday and decided to give it a go.  ArchWiki said it required a kernel with Android support enabled and recommended linux-zen if I didn't want to compile one myself.  Thinking nothing of it, and secure in the knowledge that I could simply revert to my previous kernel if things went sideways, I installed the `linux-zen` package and rebooted.

linux-zen failed to locate my root partition (I use btrfs with a mounted subvolume for backup purposes) and tried to drop me to a root shell, but my keyboard was unresponsive.  I held down the power button and booted my previous kernel, which failed to mount my /boot partition and then refused to drop me to a root shell because the root account was disabled.  After a large deal of fiddling with my Arch installation media, including trying to reinstall `linux` (which produced an ominous error message but seemed to work okay) and running `pacman -Syu`, neither of which made any change, I set a password on the root account, booted the `linux` kernel (the keyboard was still unresponsive in linux-zen's root shell after I had done that), entered the root shell, tried to `mount /boot`, and received the error message `unknown filesystem type vfat`.  So it had forgotten how to mount a fatfs.  Worrying.

Unsure what else to do, I commented out the /boot line from fstab and exited the root shell.  The system booted as normal and I made it to a desktop, with the exception that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, my webcam, and my laptop trackpad (possibly others -- I didn't check) had stopped working.  I suspect this is because installing `linux-zen` overwrote the kernel modules that make those things work with Zen-specific versions, but I have no way to verify this and wouldn't know how to fix it if it was in fact the problem.  I've reinstalled the `linux` package several times, both booted from the `linux` kernel on my SSD and from the live installation image, to no avail.  I also uninstalled the `linux-zen` package while booted from the SSD, which seemingly had no effect (it was still on the EFI system partition and rEFInd still defaulted to booting it) as the /boot partition (which is my EFI system partition) wasn't mounted when I ran sudo pacman -R.

Also of note is that while I was arch-chrooted into my root partition from the live media trying to figure out why /boot wasn't mounting the first time, I noticed that the /boot directory had files in it before I typed mount /boot, but it let me mount it anyway.  I'm not sure why, but my best guess is that at some point I tried to reinstall the kernel without that partition mounted.  I renamed the /boot directory to boot.old and created a new, empty one.

I'm now staring down the shell of the live image with my rootfs mounted, at a complete loss as to what I'm supposed to do.

I no longer care about getting Linux Zen working.  I have learned a valuable lesson in making backups before making wide system changes like replacing the kernel.  Can someone please help me get my system back to how it was?

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Re: I installed linux-zen and now it won't boot

wallefan wrote:

Unsure what else to do, I commented out the /boot line from fstab and exited the root shell.  The system booted as normal and I made it to a desktop


I don't think something went wrong because of linux-zen, that0s unlikely...
What's your configuration?

# cat /etc/fstab
# cat /etc/default/grub
# cat /proc/cmdline
# mount
# btrfs subvolume list -p /
WIKI wrote:

Changing the default subvolume with btrfs subvolume set-default will make the top level of the filesystem inaccessible, except by use of the subvol=/ or subvolid=5 mount options

( … sub-volume)

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Re: I installed linux-zen and now it won't boot

I fixed it.  Somehow or other, my kernel version (6.1.11) had gotten out of sync with my modules version in /lib/modules (6.1.12).  I ran `pacman -S linux` from the live image (which I swore I had already done -- maybe /boot wasn't mounted the other times?) and rebooted and it started up just fine.  Weird.


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