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I've tweaked my system and I'm having problems with startup.


I have been making some changes in my system and at the beginning everything worked correctly, but suddenly it stopped working and when starting the display manager, the display manager is thinking.

The changes I have made is to change the location of the "$home/.config" and "/etc/systemd/system" files.

These are now inside another hard disk and are with a symbolic link in their destination.

I know this may sound a bit strange but the idea is to be able to save all my configuration without having to save the entire Home partition.
and preserve the configuration of my own services.

To boot my system I currently have to go to tty2 and launch again in this case SDDM. and everything will start working correctly.

I take advantage and if someone wants to help me a little more I am experiencing some freezes in my system randomly. my computer can be 72h without problems. and other times to 15 minutes freeze....
without an apparent reason.

Ask me what you may need to help me and I will be happy to show you the data.


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Re: I've tweaked my system and I'm having problems with startup.

You're going to have to undo that. Replacing managed dirs with symlinks WILL screw your system up when any package that has those dirs is updated. Guaranteed.


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Re: I've tweaked my system and I'm having problems with startup.

MrQwert wrote:

... the display manager is thinking.

Somebody has to.

Undo what you've done, then realize a wheel has already been invented in XDG_CONFIG_HOME.  Set that variable and pretty much any software that would put content in ~/.config would put it in whatever location you specify with the variable.

"UNIX is simple and coherent..." - Dennis Ritchie, "GNU's Not UNIX" -  Richard Stallman


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