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#1 2023-02-25 01:45:54

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ArchISO longer boot time

I have created a Arch linux iso image using ArchISO tool. The image was created successfully and consists of plasma desktop with sddm login.
But the problem is that it takes roughly 15 min to boot from the iso (to reach the login screen) and then it stucks on the login screen and after 5 minutes, I get to see the desktop.
I am not able to diagnose the issue.

I have tried to prevent the issue by installing xorg-drivers but no improvement. The boot time is really annoying and it takes about 6 hours to build the iso each time.
It is not the issue with the disk drive, I have ssd and I gave the iso to a friend who ran the iso in VirtualBox, still the same issue...
Help required...


#2 2023-03-02 03:57:02

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Re: ArchISO longer boot time

More information is required. Why exactly are you doing this in the first place? There's probably a better solution than an ArchISO disk image.

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