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#1 2023-03-03 15:17:54

Le Limule
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[Solved] Building after files tweaking

I have a little question. Perhaps it is stupid so sorry for that in advance.

Until now i didn't need to modify a AUR package, and so i installed them with "makepkg -si".
But now i want to tweak some files of a AUR Package before compiling it.
I believe i must do:
- makepkg -oe  (to download without extracting or building (as they say in the man page))
- then i do my tweaking...
- and then?... how to build at this stage? must i do "makepkg -si" ? I've read the man page but i didn't see the light...

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#2 2023-03-03 15:24:59

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Re: [Solved] Building after files tweaking

Generally, you'd either modify the PKGBUILD to make the changes, or use -o (not -e), make the changes, THEN run it with -e.


#3 2023-03-03 15:31:23

Inspector Parrot
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Re: [Solved] Building after files tweaking

In double checking the man page I can see the ambiguity in the description of the -e flag, but as Scimmia notes, you'd use the -e flag only when you want to build the result of your local changes:

makepkg -o
$EDITOR src/path/to/file_to_edit
makepkg -efi

Note I also included the -f and -i flags in my example as in many cases this is the intended result.  The -f is necessary if you already built a version of the package before doing your edits (and it's a harmless no-op in other cases).  And the -i flag just to install the result of this build.

EDIT: of course the -s flag would also be useful (or necessary) and could be added just as well to either the first or second call to makepkg.

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#4 2023-03-03 15:44:08

Le Limule
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Re: [Solved] Building after files tweaking

Thank you very much. Quick and complete answers!...


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