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boot.mount: failed with result 'exit-code' / dependency failed lfs

I dual boot using EFI and Windows with Grub. Everything was working fine until the most recent upgrade.

The upgrade stalled at the LLVM part. That caused me not to be able to boot so I did a complete fresh install.

I used an old. Iso 5.19.12

I deleted the partition and reset GPT and made



Install went fine except for the PGP signature for Pierre... So I turned that check off.

Now I get this error...

I booted the iso I used to install and mounted / to/mnt and EFI system partition to /mnt/boot then


.... The following is all from chroot to the new install..

(using phone to enter this manually so I cut down on some text)

boot.mount: process excited. Code=exited, status 32/n/a
Failed to mount boot
Dependency failed for local file system
Local-fs .... Failed with result dependency
uname -a
 Linux archiso 5.19.12-arch1-1...28 sep 2022
cat /etc/fstab
 UUID=be7ee60b....f0ba5ee40eda  /. Ext4. Rw, realtime.  0 1

UUID=B882-C5D8. /boot. vfat. Rw, realtime,.....=remount-ro.  0 2
/dev/...p5...     //Ntfs basic data partition
/Dev/....p3....//this is my windows partition
/Dev/....p1  label_fatboot=system label=system UUID=B882-C5D8 ...... type=vfat...partlabel=EFI system partition partuuid=7c346....55626
/Dev/...p4 UUID=be7ee60b....5ee40eda  type=ext4  partuuid=5f77c4e7....e6f1a7
/Dev/....p2.      //Ms reserved partition

I understand there could be an issue with the old 5.19.12 but I

pacman -Syu

from chroot environment and still a problem with booting.

Can I update my new system without getting new iso?


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Re: boot.mount: failed with result 'exit-code' / dependency failed lfs

I ended up booting in to Windows and creating an up to date iso USB and everything works fine.... Should have done that before typing this question from my phone... Would've been quicker... Mods can delete this thread...

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