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#1 2023-03-12 13:11:03

Horses eat meat
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Can't play host audio at the same time as container audio.

I'm trying to get audio in a podman pet container to work well in conjunction with the host. The pod is privileged and root-less, and I've bound the entire /run/user/HOSTUSER to the container (and with it pipewire-0). With this it can play audio, but if I try to play something on the host at the same time, I'll get:

spa.alsa: 'front:0': playback open failed: Device or resource busy

Without knowing anything about Linux audio, I assume I need to mix the audio streams somehow. Can anyone give me an hint on how to do that? If not, is audio mixing pipewires or wireplumbers job? I'm at a loss on how to go forward from here.


Edit: Seems like pipewire was installed as a dependency in my container so I have multiple daemons running. That is something that can be searched for, so that's progress.

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