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Linux and iMac PRO 27' 5K Xeon Vega64


I'm looking for a new computer since my Laptop is finally broken now. I'm interested in one of the last iMac PRO systems equipped with an 8/10 Core XEON and AMD-VEGA64.
While this is still an expensive even as used one i'm a little bit concerned about hardware compatibility with Linux.
There are some things i need to know:

a) i want to use the 10GB/s Network adapter in order to upgrade my internal network at home in combination with a 10GB/s NAS. are there any problems with the driver-support and functionality with the network-card inside the iMac PRO ?

b) is the VEGA-64 card well supported with Linux or will i drive into trouble with special drivers ? Is this card worth to use ?

c) The XEON-CPU should be supported very well or is there a trap i'm unaware ?

d) is the thermal fan-control (well) supported ? I'm still User of an imac 12,2 but the fan-control isn't very good. are there thermal-issues with this system ?

e)  any problems with the sound ? this is no problem with an imac 12,2 but i read a lot of problems and incompatibility  at newer apple-systems .

f) is there a special model by year, model-number that i should look for ?

g) any further problems that i'm unaware by now ?

As said this is still an expensive system even used (2000-2700 €-Rubel) and i don't want to spend such a lot of bucks if it doesn't work afterwards.
I appreciate your informations that can be helpful.


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