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[SOLVED] laptop could not find bootloader on new SSD (UEFI, GPT, GRUB)

I installed archlinux on my new, unpartitioned SSD in a Samsung NP940X5N laptop.  I knew the laptop supported UEFI booting because i previously successfully had installed archlinux to an external USB drive, but in that installation I used an existing bootloader on the drive, created by an Ubuntu installation, and the USB drive was partitioned MBR.

I partitioned the SSD as GPT, and followed install instructions, installing from the archlinux live ISO distribution. installing GRUB.  But then the  laptop could not find the bootloader upon restart.

I removed my label of "EFI" from the EFI partition per troubleshooting instructions, but that didn't help, the system still could not find any bootloader.

Then I compared my failing SSD /boot to the working USB external HDD /boot, and found that I was missing the esp/EFI/BOOT directory on the SSD, instead there was just an esp/EFI/grub directory.

Then I found the troubleshooting instructions here: … _boot_path and on the SSD renamed esp/EFI/grub to esp/EFI/BOOT, and
esp/EFI/BOOT/grubx64.efi to esp/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI, and on the next restart the bootloader was found and archlinux ran perfectly!

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