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Black Screen on New arch install. Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.

I tried to install arch using my existing arch scripts from my old laptop. On that one I only need to run the script and it takes care of everything and is a fairly unattended install.
But on my Legion after installing the laptop gets stuck at the "Starting systemd-udeventd" screen. If I turn quiet off then I can see it gets stuck on graphical target. Now I can actually switch to tty2 and when I do it lets me login to my system. After logging in I try to `startplasma-x11` but it says `$Display not set. Cannot start x server`. It fails with `startplasma-wayland` as well unless I enable `Dynamic Graphics` from BIOS. Thats how I am able to access my DE and how I managed to write this post.

From digging around the forums using issues stated above I can tell you that I:
1) have `linux-firmware` installed. it is a requirement for amdgpu
2) amdgpu is binding to the proper gpu and being loaded.
3) I never manually install Xorg. It is installed with the `plasma` package group. I have no file called `/etc/X11/xorg.conf`.
4) I have sddm enabled from the install script.

On my old laptop I would boot into a complete system after installation. The only difference I can think of between that one and this is that this new laptop is MUXed while the other one wasn't.

I suppose another issue that stems from it is that currently I cannot adjust display brightness at all. Neither plasma nor fn keys work.

Edit: Seems no solution exists from brightness issue yet.

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