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Struggling to resolve Polkit issues with a package

Hello everyone,

First-time poster to the forums as an Arch Linux user of around two years now. I haven't been very happy with SteamOS on my Steam Deck for a while now and have been wanting to install Arch Linux on my Steam Deck with full functionality. Following along with the instructions provided by Pongo1231 on the Arch Linux Wiki I was able to install the necessary software though I soon after encountered a problem with jupiter-hw-support expecting different Polkit permissions than what was provided. This caused the systemd unit jupiter-controller-update which ran the corresponding shell script to exit with an abnormal code preventing me from booting up into a graphical environment. After looking at the shell script that systemd was trying to launch, it seemed like a function that it called for loading a json file didn't have the necessary permission to do so and threw out an error.

I had a little help from a Red Hat software engineer on Fediverse to help troubleshoot the problem and identify a few of the issues but I don't really know how to proceed forward with the issue other than report the bug to Valve and wait around for them to fix it. The shell script doesn't appear to have any issues when run on SteamOS so I'm hoping the solution will be a relatively straight forward one.

Cheers for taking the time to read through my post. ^^


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