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systemd-journal-remote with multiple "active" sources

I'm looking into options for log centralizing/monitoring for my home lab.

One obvious option is systemd-journal-remote. However, most guides on the web seem to use "passive"-source variant, i.e. the log-aggregating server listens for connections and the leaf nodes use systemd-journal-upload to upload their logs to the server.

However, I have no log-aggregating server but want to read all the logs on my personal laptop. This is my most trusted machine and I would like to avoid opening firewall ports on it. Hence, I would like to poll the data, i.e. running "systemd-journal-remote --url=ADDRESS"on my laptop and running systemd-journal-gatewayd on the leaf nodes (after opening ports on the leaf nodes).

This works fine with a single leaf-node, but trying it with two leaf-nodes:

/usr/lib/systemd/systemd-journal-remote --url="" --url="http:///"

errors with

systemd-journal-remote[166664]: cannot currently set more than one --url

Is there a recommended/established way to do this?

Do I have to run a separate polling service for each individual machine? This seems cumbersome.

The work-around would be to provision a dedicated log-aggregating VM that's listening to all leaf-nodes, configure the leaf-nodes to upload to the VM, and then somehow poll the VM from my laptop. Is there a simpler way?

Doesn't have to scale beyond 10 leaf-nodes or so.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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