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newly installed Arch on ext4 FS not recognized by other GRUB2 version

I have on old PC with BIOS. Two HDs one with Win98(yiykes) the other with MX Linux, Debian and Arch on diff partitions. Grub is installed by MX on the second HD MBR and i can boot all OS-es even Arch before I reinstalled it.

I broke pacman and libc so I decided to reinstall Arch from recent media (it is command line only). After i ran mkfs.ext4 and installed the rest, GRUB would not recognize the root file system of arch. Everything else works of course.
I booted MX and i could mount the Arch root fs and all was well. fsck said get a new fsck because FEATURE_C12 is present. It seems to be that my problem is that fstools are too recent.
I  tried installing grub on the partition and chainload as i do with the debian system but it did not work.

Now i see two ways around this but i don't want any of them and am unsure if they would work.
-Using the latest grub from the arch install would probably work?! bit i want to keep the one i have.
-wipe the root fs and use mkfs from MX but then i have to reinstall arch again, or use ext3

Is there a way to fix this issue without reinstalling Arch again? Turning off these new features for example , i would prefer.




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Re: newly installed Arch on ext4 FS not recognized by other GRUB2 version

Its a late reply but you can get out of this without re-installing.
You must know the root partition of Arch and you must either have
a live USB or Cd of Arch Linux or Endeavour Linux.

Feature C12 is present on Ext4 on Arch, Endeavour (don't know about Manjaro).

If you boot from the Endeavour Live image, you can follow these instructions: … t/2022/12/

If you boot from the Arch Live image, you can follow these instructions.

Once you have mounted the root file system and changed root into your
old system, reinstall grub2 as Arch supports the new C12 features, and
compatible with your other distros.


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