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#1 2007-01-05 18:05:35

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Suspend to memory acts strangely

I'm having a problem where if i tell my comp to suspend to memory, if I wake it up several minutes after by pressing a button on my keyboard, it comes back properly. But if I try to wake it up a good chunk of time later, the fans come on, the indicator lights come on, but the LCD screen is completely turned off and any button/key combo I press doesn't give any sort of response at all.  The only thing I can do is cut power by holding the power key for 5 seconds and turn it back on again.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and how I could fix it?

The command i use as root to suspend to memory:
echo -n "mem" > /sys/power/state


#2 2007-01-07 13:15:04

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Re: Suspend to memory acts strangely

After a certain amount of time, your display is probably automatically turned off or put in an energy-saving state from which it is unable to wake up. This can depend from the BIOS, from the DPMS settings in X, from the blanking and powerdown timeouts settings in the console.
The best solution in these cases is to use vbetool to automatically restore the display to the previous state, or to a a certain state, or to the initial state.

pacman -S vbetool

In order to use automatically vbetool during your suspension-resume cycle, the best tool is the hibernate-script from the suspend2 project.

pacman -S hibernate-script

This script can be used for suspending your system to ram (and to disk). In the configuration file you can try different combinations of options for vbetool. Read the following man page for details:

man hibernate.conf

Another solution is to use certain boot parameters for acpi, but they work in an heterogeneous and unpredictable variety of ways, thus vbetool is often an easier and safer solution.

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Re: Suspend to memory acts strangely

Add yourself to the power group, and install 'powersave'.
If you have any problems, then edit /etc/powersave/sleep and edit 'unload modules' and 'restart services' strings to "", that is the default for ALL.
This require that you run 'powersaved' as a daemon. Add it to rc.conf. You don't need acpi, hal and dbus if you do, because powersave launches them on it's own.

The command to suspend to ram is 'powersave -u'.
If you have got gnome and gnome-power-manager running this can be done from shut down menu entry. (you _might_ have to edit SuspendCommand= in gdm:s default.conf for this though, i can't remeber...)
If i remeber correctly, you can also suspend from klaptopdaemon:s tray icon.

Now, report back. Was this helpful?

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