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touchpad sometimes not working


this is my first post on this forum.

I have installed arch on a Lenovo Duet 3i, kernel version is 6.3.1. I am using the keyboard which is shipped with it.
Sometimes after booting, sometimes after resuming from suspend the keyboard works but the touchpad doesn't. So I can type words but I can't use the mouse.
My current workaround is to reload the module hid_multitouch, then everything works fine.
I don't no how to replicate the problem.
I'm running X11. Disabling and enabling the touchpad from xinput doens't work. Xinput list-props tells me that libinput is used as the driver for my touchpad.

On the current boot, I've had the problem (meaning the touchpad didn't react and I restarted the module).

Here's the dmesg:
And here's the dmesg with grep hid-multitouch

Thanks in advance!


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