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Encrypted Dual Boot Configuration Arch + Windows 10 on the same Drive.

Hi there!

Years ago I implemented a dual boot configuration, Arch + Windows 10, for my laptop.

It worked like a charm up to now and I have never had any problem.

I am writing this post because now I would like to enhance this configuration with encryption.
In other words I would like to have a dual boot configuration, Arch + Windows 10, but with the drive encrypted.

Sadly I am constrained in having only 1 drive, which is a 512GB Nvmw M.2 SSD. This means that the Windows and Arch partitions must reside on the same drive.

I have the following questions:

- Is it a good idea?
- In which way would you partition the drive and encrypt it?
- Would you suggest a full disk encryption or something more soft?
- How much will the performance be affected? (I have heard that with SSDs for example VeraCrypt reduces the performances quite a lot).

This is my personal laptop. My aim is to feel safe bringing it around knowing that if someone steal it, he will "never" get to my personal data.

Thank you in advance!


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