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Configuring Pipewire correctly with different audio cards

Hi to all!!!
How are you?
Finally i installed all basic things to configure my music prod envirnoment!

When i installed firefox i as asked if install jack2 or pipewire. I decided to experiment with pipewire cause it's more promising and i think the concept is the right update finally for music! I truggled years in windows with virtual cable and have basically outstanding.

So installed FF but Audio not worked at all so i remembered that here we have to follow exactly the steps of the wiki smile
So here:

I installed pipewire and the utils, wireplumber and also the pipewire jack and pulse client.
But nothing worked. So i reboot and install the QT GUI for pipewire....and suddenly all worked!!!

Now if i start wireplumber from terminal i have

gab@archmusic ~ $ wireplumber
M 16:04:12.756525             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:254:pw_rtkit_check_xdg_portal: Can't find org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop. Is xdg-desktop-portal running?
M 16:04:12.756586             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:1017:pipewire__module_init: found session bus but no portal
M 16:04:12.757469             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:270:translate_error: RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown
M 16:04:12.757551             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:637:set_nice: could not set nice-level to -11: No such file or directory
M 16:04:12.757796             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:270:translate_error: RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown
M 16:04:12.759137             mod.rt ../pipewire/src/modules/module-rt.c:270:translate_error: RTKit error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown

Can't understand.
i i launch pactl info nothing happens. But the audio is working correctly with the default audio carda of my elitebook 830.

Now i have to setup my focusrite 2i4th gen, and my alva nanoface. I have nmade som research and i finbd that alva made drivers only for ubuntu and i dont0 if they will work.

What do you suggest?

I installed the basci programs for me audacity and Carla to made some test.
Now i will start to install some lv2, lsdpa plugins.
I read bseisde that to install vst i need an windows emulator like wine via yay, is correct? Is there another way?

Thanks to all!


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