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#1 2023-05-21 20:49:06

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BTRFS Root partition possibly corrupt. Cannot boot normally.

Attempting to boot via Grub leads to the screen being frozen on the motherboard splash screen.
Cannot chroot into the partition with arch-chroot, it displays error messages like:

[ 577.922064] BTRFS error (device nvme0n1p2): bdev /dev/nvme0n1p2 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 52, gen 0
/usr/bin/arch-chroot: line 457:  1073 Bus error (core dumped) SHELL=.... You get the idea

I'm using the most recent Archlinux Live iso I just downloaded from the official site.
The system is pretty usual, one Sata SSD with Win 10, one NVMe SSD with Archlinux and EFI partition for grub purposes.
Arch partition is full BTRFS without subvolumes.
EFI is Fat32 and mounts to /efi.
Win10 does whatever it wants.
Mounting everything in the live environment and trying to arch-chroot into it leads to the errors previously mentioned.
Probably worth noting is that I recently have changed every component of my computer, except the drives and GPU.
The last component was the motherboard.
After every every component change I'd fix Grub, boot into Arch, update arch, and it'd always work.
Same process after I upgraded to the new motherboard. I remember using Arch multiple times afterwards.
Today, however, Arch presented the previously mentioned issues.
Any help with diagnosing the issue and hopefully fixing it?


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Re: BTRFS Root partition possibly corrupt. Cannot boot normally.

Does the Windows disk boot?

RubberEyes wrote:

Cannot chroot into the partition with arch-chroot

Are you able to mount the partition? If so, try running a scrub.


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