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Graphical WSL Arch environment

Hi All,

I'm an avid Arch user, but can't make the switch permanently because my work relies too heavily on A) MS office and B) scientific computing software that we're just not going to see linux versions of (JMP, Geneious, Prism, FlowJo, ChemDraw, affinity designer, adobe pro, etc), so am tied to mac (plus I do love the mac keyboard shortcuts - shoutout to!)

My question is: would there be a way to do something like Win-Kex enhanced mode for arch but backwards? I'd like to use gnome and Arch to control the system, but pipe in graphically accelerated windows from Win11 software and have it have access to both filesystems like you do in WSL. I know someone is going to say just use WINE, but I've simply never had an experience that was close to native windows for more complex software. Same with browser versions of MS office products, limited features and just not the same experience.

At the very minimum, has anyone installed a DE in Arch on WSL and used RDP in a similar way to Win-Kex?



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Re: Graphical WSL Arch environment

VirtualBox has a "seamless mode" which works with Linux host + Windows guest. Filesystem integration can be done using shared folders. 3D support is also possible. My experience with VirtualBox is outdated, however. But it could be worth a try.


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