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#1 2023-06-08 19:25:22

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Disable polkit support


recently the arch package for pcsclite changed their PKGBUILD to build pcsclite with polkit support:
Changes in 1.9.9-3

./configure \
    --prefix=/usr \
    --sbindir=/usr/bin \
    --sysconfdir=/etc \
    --disable-static \
    --enable-filter \
    --enable-ipcdir=/run/pcscd \
    --enable-libudev \
    --enable-usbdropdir=/usr/lib/pcsc/drivers \
    --enable-polkit \

I am now facing the problem, that in initramfs no polkit daemon is available.
Before integrating polkit support in pcscd, i was able to connect to my Smartcard in initramfs stage.
Now with polkit support it seems pcscd is not letting opensc connect to its daemon anymore.
I think because it lacks the polkit libraries etc, so it denies all requests by default.

Is it possible to start pcscd without polkit support, so i can use pcscd in initram stage ?
Any other idea how to use pcscd in this stage is also greatly appreciated

Many thanks



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Re: Disable polkit support

Never mind,

option --disable-polkit has been merged into pcsc-lite.
So far not been released, but should occur on next cycle … 01347.html


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