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#1 2007-01-09 03:57:49

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Melting my CPU

I don't know the exact model of my CPU but it is a desktop level system bought in the last 6 maybe an Intel Celeron?  It's mainly used as a small file sever, but can't seem to handle lots of file access.

I have three SATA drives (350MB each) using software RAID 5 for my /home directory.  When I transfer a large file (90GB) over a 1Gb/sec LAN, I can watch my CPU temp rise to a level where the CPU will shutdown due to heating.

Or I can run a ClamAV scan on the hard drive (10s of thousands of files).  Same thing...CPU heats up until is shut's down.

I am thinking that it might be the software part of the RAID 5 and the CPU is doing too much.

I'm going to get a RAID controller to see if that solves the overheating problem....

Any one have thoughts on this? Or seen something similar.



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Re: Melting my CPU

I once had a overheating problem on a purchased system, the first thing I did was throw the pitiful excuse for a fan into the bin and purchased a decent size fan, problem fixed with the added benefit the system was a lot quietier, Then again where I live 33 to 40 degrees/C is common in summer so everything overheats including me  :evil:

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Re: Melting my CPU

don't overclock... you can most likely set this in the bios. and it sounds like your cooling is horribly broken... but an arctic freezer cooler, very good cooling for a few bucks. for example this one:
does better than many $50 coolers, and the recommended retail price of 34 is way too much - you'll buy it for half that easilly.

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