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[SOLVED] Potential typo in NVIDIA page of ArchWiki

In the DRM kernel mode setting section of the NVIDIA page on ArchWiki, it currently says:

To enable DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) kernel mode setting, add the


kernel parameter.

However, the relevant instructions on the KDE Community Wiki (which the KDE ArchWiki page links to), as well as other places I've searched online, state the required kernel parameter as


i.e. with a hyphen instead of an underscore.

I'm not sure whether the system for loading kernel parameters is agnostic to hyphens vs underscores (in which case this post is redundant), or if it is indeed a typo (which would be understandable because confusingly, the module in question is named nvidia_drm, with an underscore).

For what it's worth, I have used the hyphenated version as a kernel parameter, and it has successful changed my driver to operate in the desired mode.

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Re: [SOLVED] Potential typo in NVIDIA page of ArchWiki

Underscores and dashes are equivalent in kernel module names, see … nformation


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