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Gnome Online Accounts Front End(GUI) for xfce/mate

For like past few days I was finding a way to add google accounts to xfce4 so that I can access my drive through the file manager and found out that it's not available at all and many user need it. Since I was frustrated because using rclone didn't work for me I thought making my first. At first I was making my own stuff then I realized that cinnamon have it in their settings, so extracting and using it as a standalone module would be nice. Hence I forked from cinnamon and made some changes.

Here is the link to my project:

It still requires "cinnamon-control-center" to be installed, and the online-accounts module is being called "bin/" hence it will be really appreciable if anyone can help me so that I can use the module by placing it in the project directory which will make the project more compact and easy to use. smile

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