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[solved] Can't boot installation iso on Asus Prime B550M-A motherboard

Update: I thought it's to do with the mobo because everything works fine on my Thinkpad X200 (ofc only bios mode as it's the only thing it has). But, to my confusion, the same iso from a different USB stick works perfectly fine.


When I go to the boot options, the proper UEFI bootlader doesn't appear, only the generic "UEFI: <usb device name partition number>" ones, and they don't work. But that's expected, they never do.

I've tried enabling CSM and booting in legacy mode, the only thing that happens is that this appears:
Nothing more.

I've tried setting secure boot to "Other OS", didn't help. (The only options I have are Windows and other os, I can't disable it)

It may or may not be relevant that I've installed Windows 11 on this computer

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